Come and Take It Flag (The Old Cannon Flag ) 12" x 18" Outdoor

old Canon Come and Take It flag
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Come and Take It Flag   (The Old Cannon Flag ) 

Old Canonn Flag: Size 12" x 18"  size  Polyester  dyed  outdoor flag made with heading and grommets.

Historical Notes:   Flags of Defiance.

The flag that became known as the Old Cannon Flag refers to the first military fight of the Texas Revolution at the Battle of Gonzalez, Texas.  The Mexicans demanded the return of a cannon which had originally been theirs.  The Texans refused to give up the cannon in defiance.  The flag design was influenced  by the Texans remembrance of King Leonidas of the Greeks  at the Batttle of Thermopyleae, when the Greek in defiance of the Persian army said "Molon Labe" which translates roughly to "Come and Take Them" in references to their (Greek) weapons.

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